• Departments of the Secretary-General’s Cabinet - Secretariat of Council Affairs
  • 1- The Summit

    The Secretariat prepares and organizes the proceedings of LAS Council meetings at Summit Level (Ordinary Sessions held every March according to Article 3 of the Annex of the Charter concerning the regular convention of the Arab League Council at Summit Level, and Article 5 Paragraph 1 of the Arab League Council's regulations, as well as the extraordinary and the consultative sessions, according to the following steps:

    • Preparation of  a handbook containing the required logistical and technical procedures.

    • Convening of four coordination meetings between LAS staff and the summit host country to agree on the requires logistical and technical procedures.

    • Proceeds to draft summit agenda upon consultation with member states and LAS concerned sectors.

    • Submission of draft agenda to Foreign Ministers during the Council's March ordinary session, in accordance with Article VI of the Charter on the summit regular convention.

    • Upon approval of the draft agenda, the Secretariat follows up memo drafting from concerned departments.

    • Draft agenda and resolutions as well as all the pertinent documents are submitted to member states

    • Preparation of a list comprising heads of international and regional organizations as well as foreign presidents that can be invited to attend the summit meeting in coordination with the host country.

    • The Secretariat acts as the executive secretariat of the summit preparatory ministerial and high official meetings.

    • Follow up of draft resolutions drafted by concerned department that are submitted to the summit as well the draft paragraphs for the summit communique.

    • The Secretariat prepares the summit's draft resolutions and final communique.

    • Preparation of the Secretary-General's report on the pan-Arab action and on the course of reform in the Arab world.

    • preparation of the booklet comprising the final resolutions and communique which is circulated to member states. It also prepares a booklet containing all the speeches delivered at the summit.

    • Documentation of the summit papers.

    • Preparation of the sessions' minutes.

    2- The Ministerial and Permanent Delegates meetings
    The Secretariat prepares for the ordinary and extraordinary meetings at the ministerial and permanent delegates level according to the following procedures:

    • Proposing beginning and end of LAS Council ordinary meetings in March and September according to Article XI of the Charter, Article V para 5 of the Council's Statute.

    • Informing member states and other pertinent bodies of the meeting's schedule and requests matters to be put forward in the Council's agenda.

    • Preparation of the Council's agenda.

    • Review of the memos drafted by concerned departments.

    • Preparation of the Secretary-General's invitation letters to the Foreign Ministers to attend the Council's meetings in accordance with Article VII Para 1 of the Council Statute, together with the meeting's agenda and draft resolutions 6 weeks prior to the Council convening.

    • Preparation of the draft additional agenda that contains any additional matters and issues that may be requested by any member state or the Secretary-General according to Article VII Para 3 of the Council Statute and to submitted 10 days prior to the Council convening.

    • Preparation of the agenda for the Political, economic and social affairs committees  as well the committees for Legal and Administrative Affairs.

    • Preparation of the Secretary-General report on LAS Secretariat work and procedures of Council resolutions implementation.

    • Preparation of draft resolutions of the Political Affairs Committee in coordination with member states and pertinent departments.

    • Preparartion of the agenda, bi-annual reports, recommendations and minutes of the  meetings of the resolution implementation follow up Committee.

    • Acts as the Executive Secretariat of the Resolution Implementation Follow up Committee.

    • Submission of invitation letters to observer regional and international organizations and ambassadors of foreign countries to attend the opening session of the ministerial meeting.

    • Acts as the executive secretariat of the Political Affairs Committee and follow up works of other Committees secretariats.

    3- Special Committees Meetings

    • Preparation for special committees meetings according to the Council resolutions:

    • Arab Peace Initiative Committee

    • Arab Ministerial Committee on Syria

    • Ministerial Committee on Sudan

    • Ministerial Committee on Darfur Crisis

    • Arab Ministerial Committee on Israeli offensive against Yarmuk Factory in Khatoum.

    • Ministerial Committee on Lebanon Crisis

    • Ministerial Committee on Somalia

    • Ministerial Committee on follow-up of Arab satellite system.

    • Preparation of the draft agenda, memos, recommendations and communiques of the Committees meetings.

    4- Specialized summits

    • Participation in the secretarial work of the Arab Economic and Development Summits in coordination with member states and related departments and the Secretariat of the Economic and Social Council.

    • Participation in secretariat work of the Arab Africa Summit, the Arab South America Summit and  in their preliminary meetings.

    5- Cooperation Forums

    • Participation in secretariat work of the ministerial and high official meetings of the cooperation forums with China, Euro-Mediterranean region.

  • The Secretariat of the Arab League Council Affairs is the executive LAS secretariat meetings at summit, ministerial, and permanent delegates levels. It seeks to implement the goals of the pan-Arab action stipulated in the Charter of the League of Arab States.

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