• Departments of the Secretary-General’s Cabinet - Press Desk
  • The Office keeps the Secretary-General regularly informed of the daily world news from audio-visual and print resources.

    The Office provides information to the media on the activities of the Secretary-General, which contributes to highlighting the role of the League of Arab States.

    The Office shares information and strengthens ties with press and media personnel, seeking to achieve transparency, integrity and mutual benefit.

    The Office also provides the Secretariat General sectors, LAS centres and missions abroad, specialized organizations and Arab Permanent Delegations with press releases and reports.

    • Publishing of daily newsletters in Arabic and English on major news and articles published in the Arab and international press.
    • Ensures coverage and documentation of the Secretary-General's meetings and interviews and organizes  Secretary-General's press conferences. It also publishes the Secretary-General's press releases and statements and circulates them, as well as his speeches, to the Arab Permanent Delegations to LAS, its missions abroad and the media.
    • Evaluation of media coverage of the Secretary-General's activities aiming to improve LAS image worldwide.
    • Regular communication with journalists, photographers, television and news agencies.
    • Receiving interview requests from the different Arab and international press, agencies and televisions.
    • Regular coordination with LAS Translation Division concerning translation of the Secretary-General's press releases, speeches and statements to ensure their timely delivery to foreign press agencies.
    • Publishing of a bi-monthly report on the Secretary-General's activities and circulates them to LAS sectors, centres and missions abroad. It also prepares videos and images accompanying these reports.
    • Preparation of news bulletins in Arabic on major news published in Arab websites and the social media.
    • Preparation of information portfolios on the conferences in which the Secretary-General participates, as well as the events and significant and influential figures at the Arab and international arena.
    • Follow-up of the political analyses and reactions on the Secretary-General's work and LAS positions.
    • Follow-up of the Secretary General's social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook).
    • Provides journalists and reporters with photos accompanying the Secretary-General's press releases.
    • Attending the Secretary-General's meetings outside LAS Secretariat.

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