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  • Formation of management Supervisor of Administration: Minister Plenipotentiary / Abdel Hamid Hamza

     Departments: Department of ceremonies and parties Section privileges and immunities

  • The section of ceremonies and parties: This section is tasked to organize the meeting rooms in terms of seating arrangement and taking into account the protocol in accordance with the rules of seniority and precedence, preparing banners for meetings, providing them with flags, providing drinks and water, organizing the process of television photography and preparing the breaks.

    The department also prepares parties and banquets, organizes seating, select menus, organizes food movement, monitors food quality, implements and dishes, and also applies protocol rules for seating according to seniority, precedence and setting the start and end dates.


    The department also handles hotel booking procedures for guests participating in meetings and conferences whether at the expense of the Secretariat or at the expense of the participants. This section obtains the special prices and additional services offered to the visitors of the Secretariat and increases their treatment to VIP and notifies these hotels to pay special attention to the visitors of the Secretariat.

    In addition, this section will specify an office of inquiry in the hotels in which the participants reside if the number or effectiveness requires continuous follow-up to receive the invitations or papers for the meeting. These offices will work for 24 hours during the conference or meeting periods. The Department prepares congratulations to His Highness the Secretary-General on all religious occasions and New Year's Day to His Majesty the Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses, kings, Presidents and Princes of Arab, Islamic and international countries, as well as Foreign Ministers and dignitaries. –

    Reception functions (Secretariat - Airport)

    This Section receives visitors to the Secretariat and delegations participating in the various ministerial meetings organized or invited by the Secretariat, whether at the Cairo airport or in the Secretariat. The Section also receives visitors and delegates participating in meetings organized by the Secretariat away from Headquarters whenever necessary This is done by accompanying VIPs, facilitating their work and moving them inside the Secretariat building Cooperation with the rules established by the host country and the use of the halls of senior visitors in ports and airports, both within the State of the headquarters or in the country that organizes meetings and conferences. Needless to say, reception and termination of arrival necessarily follow the termination of the return and travel procedures of course.

    Visas Tasks

    This section is responsible for contacting the Arab and foreign embassies to obtain official visas for the work tasks or special visas for the employees of the Secretariat and their relatives up to the second degree and in light of the provisions of the Personnel Regulations. In contrast to what appears to be a single jurisdiction but at the same time, It requires daily work, continuous field follow-up and very strong relations within the embassies, as it requires speeding up the speed of obtaining visas on the one hand, and on the other hand, dealing with new developments in this area that did not exist before, such as setting the date by telephone before going to the embassy. Z visa if they were on an official mission.

    Financial functions

    This department is responsible for keeping the books and files of the administration because they are of great importance both at the level of the official work of the Secretariat or at the special level for each employee, especially the movement of benefits obtained, movements, travel, return, passports, car and monthly quotas. Financial Affairs represented in the completion of procedures for the advance of the Protocol Department, the amounts spent on the receptions, the farewell at Cairo airport, the travel to the embassies to obtain visas and the transfer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to complete the procedures of transactions and the direction of hotels to complete reservations.

    The computer unit which handles the printing of all the memoranda issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Bureau of Travel, Immigration and Nationality, as well as all correspondence concerning obtaining visas and preparing and responding to all congratulations of the Secretary-General.

    Section Privileges and Immunities

    This Section shall implement the provisions of the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities signed with the competent authorities of the Arab Republic of Egypt (the State of the Headquarters) and any other agreements related to the offices of the Secretariat abroad. This shall apply to the Secretariat and its official use as well as the rights acquired by its employees in accordance with these Conventions.

  • The Protocol Department aims to implement protocol procedures and protocols that reflect the way they work, taking into consideration that the General Secretariat's ceremony is a regional organization that includes Arab countries and differs to a certain extent from the Foreign Ministry's ceremony, which is mainly based on reciprocity.

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    Mr.Ashraf Sharara (Airport + concerts + reception + conferences)


    Mr.Samir Abdel Maqsoud (airport + concerts + reception + conferences)


    Mr.Ahmed Al-Ghaish (Benefits and Immunities Section)


    Mr.Sulaiman Al Sayed (Airport + Concerts + Reception + Conferences)


    Mr. Mohamed Salama (Administrative work)


    Mr. Walid Suleiman (Visas)


    Mr. Abdel-Khaled Khaled Abu Al-Haj (Airport + Reception)


    Mr.Nour elddine Ibrahim Moussa (Airport + reception + Liberation complex)


    Mr. Nazih Mohamed Abdel Hafiz Ahmed (Visas)


    Mr. Mohamed Abdulaziz (Visas)


    Mr. Khalid Abdul Razzaq(ceremony)


    Mr. Ali Abdulnabi (Foreign Affairs)


    Mr. Khaled Al-Khashab (Foreign Affairs)


    Mr. Hussein Shawki


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