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    The Electoral Control and International Cooperation Section, headed by Mr Ahmed Amin Sultan Electoral Assistance and Technical Support Section

    Electoral Assistance and Technical Support Section

    Background on Election Observation in the Arab League:

    The League of Arab States started working in the field of election observation since the beginning of the nineties, in parallel with the increasing international interest in the subject of monitoring the elections because of its vital role in promoting the principle of transparency and neutrality. The League sent many observer missions to the countries that welcomed the international monitoring. As a result, the Arab League gained considerable experience in this field, especially as it relied on its staff to monitor the elections, which reinforced the accumulated experience of Arab League officials in the field of elections.

    Establishment of the Electoral Secretariat:

    In light of the great interest that the League of Arab States attaches to the consolidation of democratic trends and the building of state institutions in accordance with the free will of the peoples and in the framework of reform and development of the joint Arab system of action. In view of the increasing calls on the Secretariat to Member States and non-members to participate in monitoring and follow- Between 2004 and 2013, there was an urgent need for an institutional entity concerned with elections within the Arab League. In this regard, Dr. Nabil Elaraby, the former Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, issued in May 2013 a decision to establish a new secretariat under the name of the "Secretariat for Elections" within the framework of the Secretariat's main structure.

  • The Electoral Control and International Cooperation Section undertakes several tasks:

    To monitor the various forms of elections, whether presidential, parliamentary or referendums in the countries that wish to do so.

    Prepare a schedule of election timings expected throughout the year.

    Preparation and preparation of the tasks of election observation missions in coordination with the concerned sectors and departments of the Secretariat, in addition to completing all logistic and technical arrangements in coordination with the concerned authorities in the country in which the elections are held.

    Updating monitoring forms with each election entitlement in line with the electoral laws and regulations adopted by the state.

    Organizing briefing sessions for observers before the start of monitoring tasks in sufficient time to inform them of all information related to the monitoring mission, including the laws and regulations governing the elections and their definition of the rights and duties of the observer.

    Formulation of preliminary statements and final reports of election observation missions.

    Coordinating with regional and international organizations on cooperation with the Arab League in the field of electoral affairs and proposing cooperation activities and programs in this field.

    Prepare evaluation reports for the performance of the control teams and place them on the observers' database.

    Participate in periodic and regional meetings and conferences in the field of elections to exchange experiences and experiences with leading organizations in this field.

    Strengthening cooperation with regional and international organizations in the field of elections (UNDP, EU, OIC and IES).

    The Arab League has achieved a qualitative leap in the field of elections. In recent years, it has participated in monitoring about 75 electoral processes in 21 countries so far, whether in presidential or parliamentary elections, in addition to referendums, including 12 Arab countries: Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Djibouti Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Comoros, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Mauritania and 8 non-Arab countries: Ecuador, Eritrea, Lithuania, Belarus, Chechnya, Georgia, India, Ethiopia, Observer from the staff of the League of Arab States.

    In the framework of the Arab League's constant efforts to develop its methods of work in the field of elections using advanced and modern techniques in line with the global methods, the EEC has developed a new tool used by observers to fill out electronic forms on tablets through an application that receives and updates observers' In a continuous manner during the polling and counting stages, and then turn these observations first to statistics and graphs, which contributes to the ease and speed to identify the indicators and the preliminary results of the electoral process, and enhance the credibility and accuracy of the report University missions to monitor elections.

    Preparation and issuance of the League of Arab States Manual in the Field of Election Control Handbook

    Similar to the EU Manual and other organizations.

    The League of Arab States adopted on 19/8/2015 the Declaration on the Principles of International Election Observation and the Code of Conduct for Election Observers, in accordance with the International Organization for the Prohibition of the Use, "The Declaration is one of the most important legal documents adopted by many regional and international organizations working in the field of election monitoring. The League of Arab States has become the 50th organization of the Declaration, most notably the United Nations, European Union, African Union.

    Establishment of an organizational memory that includes a database of the tasks of election observation missions to provide information about the university observers, as well as to facilitate access to all information, documents, data and reports related to the university's missions to monitor the elections and the activities carried out by the university in this field.

    The Electoral Assistance and Technical Support Section undertakes the following tasks:

     The Electoral Secretariat has developed a phased road map aimed at building and strengthening the capacity and performance of the staff of the Secretariat of the League of Arab States in electoral observation missions by supporting them in all forms of training and providing them with modern electoral monitoring instruments and tools, Arab League in the field of surveillance.

    In addition to the above, the Electoral Assistance Section of the Arab League is working on the formation and preparation of trained technical staff from the General Secretariat to enable them to play a key role in the provision of technical assistance, electoral support and capacity building to electoral bodies and departments of their member states, especially those countries that are in the process of preparing and building their electoral institutions, And the forms of electoral assistance that can be provided to the electoral administrations of Member States between the sending of specialists to assist in various stages of the electoral process, in addition to the procurement of electoral materials, On the electoral process ... etc.

  • The Arab League, through its monitoring of the elections, is keen to assess the extent to which election experiences are consistent with the laws and regulations adopted in each country and to translate the free will of the people in the selection process without neglecting their conformity with international standards. The Secretariat for Elections Affairs seeks coordination and cooperation

    The Secretariat for Elections Affairs, through coordination and cooperation with leading international organizations in this field - in particular the United Nations, the European Union, etc. - aims to hold more advanced and specialized training courses in this field to adopt as many of the Secretariat staff as possible. To provide training courses in the field of elections to Member States requesting it, which will result in building and strengthening the functional capabilities of the staff of the Arab League in this area. Note that the administration was unable to carry out this role in the previous period due to its limited role on the process of monitoring the elections only.

    In this context, the Electoral Secretariat, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the European Union, held several specialized training workshops and courses in the field of elections,


     Training courses for "training" of the staff of the Secretariat in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), with the assistance of the Bridges program. Eight trainers of the General Secretariat were accredited in full and 15 trainers were partially accredited.

     In accordance with the resolution of the Council of the League of Arab States No. 7961 at the ministerial level at its 144th session on 13/9/2015, on "Welcoming the convening of a forum for electoral administrations in the Arab States", held for the first time at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States during the period 9-11 / 5/2016,

    The meeting was attended by representatives of electoral administrations in all member countries (Lebanon, Syria and Oman), as well as representatives of a number of regional and international leading organizations in the field of elections. To exchange views, ideas, experiences and challenges and to build institutional cooperation relations among all electoral administrations in Arab countries in this field.


    Specialized workshops for the training of Arab League short term supervisors in cooperation with the Electoral Monitoring and Democracy Support Unit - European Union.

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