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  • Director of Management: First Advisor / Sameh Alfons

    sections :

    Department of systems and networks

    Applications Section

    Support and Support Section

  • Study and design of policies and plans for the automation, modernization and development of the components and methods of work in the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, based on the business needs of the Secretariat in coordination with all sectors and departments, and in light of the nature of the work of each department.

    Develop the most appropriate designs for building, equipping and operating networks for new sites and maintaining existing internal network connections

    Sectors, departments and sub-headquarters.

    Performing day-to-day maintenance and maintenance of main servers and programs. Work on linking and providing various services to the centers and missions of the Arab League.

    Designing and developing programs and applications that enable Arab League staff to perform the tasks that need to be mechanized to carry out their functions both within the headquarters country and in the centers and external missions.  

    Supervise applications that are built by third parties or in collaboration with them.  

    Design, build and support the various websites of the Secretariat on the Internet and the sites of summit conferences as well as the internal site of the university (Intranet).

    Launch of the Portal for the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in Arabic and English. And the establishment of all the pages on the portal, which include the different sectors of the Secretariat and its subsidiary departments and specialized ministerial councils, federations and joint Arab Chambers and update the portal periodically.

    Training courses for staff in the Secretariat on how to manage and update the content on the portal.

    Setting the technical specifications for computers and accessories to be purchased in proportion to the nature of the work, taking into account the volume of work and uses and the available technical cadres to work on them.

    Carrying out periodic maintenance or preventive maintenance and repair of all types of computer hardware and accessories including all supporting work and technical support for the systems and operating programs and applications used in all departments of different sectors.  

    To implement the technical training plans necessary to raise the efficiency of all employees in the Secretariat in the field of information technology and computer uses, including all available applications, programs and services, and the optimal methods of benefiting from them, based on the business needs of the Secretariat and in view of the nature of the work of each department.

  • To improve the level of technical support services provided to the departments of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, to enhance the technical and technological capacities of the University's sectors and increase their effectiveness and productivity for the continuous improvement of the tools and means of work used by the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States.

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