• Secretary General Cabinet
  • Arab Affairs and National Security
  • International Political Affairs
  • Legal Affairs
  • Economic Affairs
  • Social Affairs
  • Media and Communication
  • Administrative and Finance
  • Financial Auditing
  • Arab Fund for Technical Assistance to African Countries
  • Palestine and Occupied Arab Territories
  • Deputy Secretary-General
<January 2021>
  • Department of Administrative Control
Department Formation
  •      Auditing and reviewing diverse plans for all activities and programmes of the Secretariat General.

        Reviewing all contracts and resolutions to ensure conformity with the rules and regulations of the Secretariat General.

         Evaluating the activities and programmes undertaken by various sectors and departments of the Secretariat General, and their ability to achieve their objectives.

  •     Imposing administrative control over contracts, financial and administrative resolutions and all decisions taken by the Secretary-General, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Secretariat General of the League of Arab States. 
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