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<September 2020>
  • Department of Refugees, Emigrants and Immigration Affairs
Department Formation

    • Developing a yearly action plan of the department, including programs and activities related to Expatriate and Migration.
    • Preparing studies,  projects and explanatory memos in the field of population policies, Expatriates and Migration, for tentative listing on the agenda of Arab Summits, the council of the League of Arab States, and the Economic and Social Council.
    • Following-up with the concerned Arab States and organizations on implementation of  resolutions in the area of Expatriates and Migration issued by Arab Summits, the council of the League of Arab States and the Economic and Social Council.
    • Conducting studies and research, as well as preparing reports of relevant issues on Expatriates and Migration.
    • Preparing periodical reports related to the department scope of work, to be submitted to the Council of the League of Arab States,  the Economic and Social Council and Media Sector.
    • Updating databases, issuing publications related to issues of Expatriate and Migration, as well as developing new databases if necessary.
    • Preparing and organizing all activities and events related to the department scope of work, in coordination with the bodies concerned at the levels of the Secretariat General, the ministerial councils and the concerned specialized Arab organizations.
    • Participating in the activities and events organized by the specialized  ministerial councils, international and regional Arab organizations in the department scope of work.​
    • Preparing draft plans and programs concerned with Joint Arab Action in the field of Expatriate and Migration.
    • Following-up on the implementation of resolutions in all aspects of the department scope of work, issued by the Arab Summits and the Economic and Social Council, and pursuing the implementation of these resolutions by relevant parties (organizations and States).
    • Coordinating and cooperating between the department, and specialized international organizations, Arab governments, specialized Ministerial Councils, private sector and civil society organizations in implementing joint activities in the field of Expatriate and Migration.
    • Organizing relevant conferences and forums and participating in regional and international meetings concerned with Expatriate and Migration.
Activities and News

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